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How to Create the Perfect Prompt
Raw Prompt
When starting out, you probably don' t want to make your images too chaotic or random (or maybe you do), so start with something simple like “Dogs.” 

From there you can build on top of that foundation. Here are some examples you can consider when generating your first creations.

  1.  Panda Warrior With Sword
  2.  Sunrise over the mountains
  3.  A mansion on the beach
Sometimes the most basic of prompts produce some of the most truly creative artworks! The key to making your images not only funny but also engaging is in how YOU carry them through each step - keep reading for more about that later.

We promise it'll be worthwhile :)
Adding Styles (Choose from ours or curate your own)
Style is one of the most crucial parts of the prompt. Fortunately, we've got the most popular styles built right into the app making your creation process even easier.

The AI, when missing a specified style in an image, often chooses one it has seen before or knows well from related images like landscapes and paintings, which can make for more unpredictable output. For example if you generate landscape-oriented work it will probably produce a realistic artwork, but a simple style choice can mean the difference between your artwork having a futuristic fantasy feel, oil painting, or a real photograph. Having chosen well-thought-out raw + style combinations can make all your extra effort worthwhile.

Some of the most popular styles include:

  • •  Realistic
  • •  Oil painting
  • •  Pencil drawing
  • •  Concept art
  • •  Unreal Engine
  • •  Cinematic
  • •  Fantasy
  • •  Anime
  • •  Surreal
The possibilities are endless when it comes to combining these prompts. Combine multiple styles to get even more creative images. You can make an oil painting of your pet, or a pencil drawing representing your house, or create something entirely surreal that may not even exist yet ;)
Using an Artist as inspiration:
One of the best ways to make your style more specific, or the image more to your specification is by using artists' names in the prompt. For instance if you want an abstract picture then just add “made by Pablo Picasso”. If you want something in the style of Vincent Van Gough, then simply add his name to the prompt and the AI engine will return your prompt in the form of an oil painting that looks and feels like Van Gough painted it himself.

Here are some curated lists of artist and examples of (courtesy of Graverman)
  1.  John Singer Sargent
  2.  Edgar Degas
  3.  Paul Cézanne
  4.  Jan van Eyck
Oil painting
  1.  Leonardo DaVinci
  2.  Vincent Van Gogh
  3.  Johannes Vermeer
  4.  Rembrandt
Pencil/Pen drawing
  1.  Albrecht Dürer
  2.  Leonardo da Vinci
  3.  Michelangelo
  4.  Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Landscape art
  1.  Thomas Moran
  2.  Claude Monet
  3.  Alfred Bierstadt
  4.  Frederic Edwin Church
Combine as many of these as you like to create an entirely new form of art!
The Final Touches
There are many different ways you can take your prompt to the next level. You've probably seen some of the craziest AI artworks and they are most certainly using these examples as add ons to the styles and prompts. Here are some examples that are commonly used to up your art creation game (also courtesy of Graverman)

Highly detailed, surrealism, trending on art station, triadic color scheme, smooth, sharp focus, matte, elegant, the most beautiful image ever seen, illustration, digital paint, dark, gloomy, octane render, 8k, 4k, washed colors, sharp, dramatic lighting, beautiful, post processing, picture of the day, ambient lighting, epic composition.